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Welcome to the page of Season Poems for kids where you will find poems about seasons, the weather and different times of the year such as holidays and occasions.

These poems can be used for kids as an introduction into poetry in school or used in cards and scrapbooks. Some of these poems can be used as examples of adjectives which are describing words.

Seasons of trees

in spring
The trees
Are a beautiful sight
Dressed in blossom
Pink and white.

In summer
The trees
Are full of treats
Apples and pears
And cherries to eat.

In autumn
The trees
Are red and gold
And the leaves full down
As the days grow cold.

In winter
The trees
Are bare and plain
waiting for spring
To dress them again.

Julie Holder

*** Season Poems for kids ***

Winter Walk

Walking home from Granny's
On a dark and snowy night,
Everything looks ghostly
In the shadowy street light.

All is still and quiet.
No footsteps can be heard,
Except the crunch beneath us.
Too cold to say a word.

Wendy Larmont

*** Season Poems for kids ***

Hibernating Hedgehoge

Here comes winter,
cold and grey.
The hedgehog tucks
itself away.

Here comes ice
and here comes snow.
It needs somewhere
warm to go.

Here comes mist
and freezing fog.
Here's a good old
hollow log.

And here's a pile
of leaves that's deep.
It rolls up tight
and goes to sleep.

Tony Mitton

*** Season Poems for Kids ***

You can tell it's spring

You can tell it's spring
When the trees turn green
And there are just puddliesWhere the snow has been.

You can tell it's spring
When the birds build nests
And mum packs away
Our warm winter vests.

You can tell it's spring
When the yellow heads
Of daffodils dance
In the flower beds.

You can tell it's spring.
It's lighter each day
And after school
We can stay out and play.

Charles Thomson & John Foster

*** Season Poems for kids ***

One summer evening

We were playing cricket
in the garden after school.
Dad dived for a catch,
but he missed
and fell in the paddling pool!

John Foster

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